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COVID-19 Vaccines and Michigan's Homeless Population - Shared screen with speaker view
Veronica Arvizu
is this for Kent county or is Michigan?
Rod Auton
I came in a couple minutes late, but am wondering if you will be sharing this power point? Thanks.
Grace Bartley
An alternative issue that's been raised to me often is religious ideology reasoning behind vaccine rates.
Carrie Nyenhuis
Lack of transportation to Vaccination sites
Tamara Gaines
Barrier: family member(s) experienced negative side affects
Tamara Gaines
Also: bad press from J&J
Rod Auton
Access, maybe. We have done a clinic, but noticed that a lot of the clients had already left the shelter for the morning.
Sarah VanParis
Lack of understanding that vaccines are not only to protect one person, but our communities. Lack of willingness to participate for the sake of the community.
Lisa Brink
In southwest Michigan, Disability Network Southwest Michigan has a grant to assist people with disabilities with obtaining transportation to get to a site to obtain the vaccine. They can contact me, Lisa Brink, at 269-345-1516 x 111.
Mark McWilliams
Is there any connection with school district McKinney-Vento coordinators? The unvaccinated rate among youth is incredibly high. Is there a consent issue?
Sarah VanParis
We are CLIA waived, used to get our tests from our health dept. but can no longer get tests from them. How do we get tests for free?
Rod Auton
At the one clinic that we did, we used street ambassadors to help coordinate, but we didn't have them do any pre-work in terms of talking with homeless clients. It might be good to train a couple of our clients who have received the vaccine to become ambassadors.
Leslie Cramatie
can you put that information about the tests in the chat
Rod Auton
Locally, we have received grants that allow us to pay our street ambassadors to do canvassing in the community for vaccination education.
Jeanine Yard
If you need information about free testing, please contact us at MDHHS-homeless@michigan.gov
Sarah VanParis
How do you suggest we manage offering 2 MRNA dose vaccines at the shelter? The individual may be there for the first dose, but not the second?
Grace Bartley
What are your suggestions for clients who tell you that they don't think COVID is real because they don't know anyone who has died/obtained COVID.
Grace Bartley
Are there medical students/nurses that people in RRH/off shelter site programs can contact?
Tamara Gaines
Was there anyone who got vaccinated pre-vaccine and asked for the incentive afterwards? If so, how was that handled?
Tamara Gaines
Tamara Gaines
There is another virus out there. I hate to put myself on public display, but for the sake of education, I've tested negative for COVID, flu and strep. The symptoms are similar to flu (headache, nausea, body aches, sore throat, extreme fatigue, etc.). Please everyone, be careful out there.
Tamara Gaines
That's awesome. I appreciate that response.
alicia lyons
Please send a copy of the presentation to alica.lyons@detroitmi.gov